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Customs services, transportation services, freight forwarding

About us

Our company is pleased to offer services in the field of international freight forwarding and customs and brokerage arrangements.

Customs clearance services are provided under terms and conditions of Certificate of Entry into the Registry of customs assignees № 0550/04 dated May 12, 2015.

Starting from its foundation in 1995, specialists of «Air Cargo Customs Services Ltd., St. Petersburg» are always ready to be at your service. Extensive net of agents which was built up over 15 years, permits to fulfill «door-to-door» shipments of your cargoes throughout the World. For the years we make our business we accumulated rich experience providing our customers with comfortable and high level service, taking into consideration all wishes, requirements and needs, as well as financial facilities. Our customers are our value. Each of our customers and clients is important and significant for us irrespective of its volume of business and amount of services ordered. That is why we do all our best to justify the confidence of our customers, fulfilling our business in high quality level, at the reasonable prices and under the terms and conditions required. When you apply to us you can be sure that your cargo will be treated by our specialists in accordance with all up to date norms, standards and requirements.

Highly qualified specialists of «Air Cargo Customs Services Ltd. St. Petersburg» will be at your service to:

  • provide information support regarding all issues connected with customs clearance, international freight forwarding, foreign economic activities, etc.;
  • perform customs clearance and brokerage of all types of cargoes at Saint Petersburg, Pulkovo and Baltic Customs Stations;
  • provide calculations and payment of all customs fees and duties;
  • provide admissible route of shipment, creating multimodal logistic chain;
  • help you with certification issues for your products;
  • provide all risks insurance services for your cargoes shipped.

Being in contact with us you’ll get reliable business partner ready for long-term mutual beneficial cooperation.

Our history

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International cargo forwarding and inter-Russia air cargo forwarding

E-mail:  info@accs.ru ТеL.:   (812) 242-53-88

Anton Ivanov: a.ivanov@accs.ru

Nikolay Kharitonov: nikolay@accs.ru ; Skype: claus_log


Customs procedures at Pulkovo Customs Post

E-mail: customs@accs.ru

Alexey Remenny: remenny@mail.ru

Sergey Barkovsky: bark@accs.ru

Olga Kotelnikova: customs@accs.ru

Customs procedures at Saint-Petersburg Customs Post

E-mail: custom_service@mail.ru Tel. +7 (812) 456-22-28

Vladimir Badanov: custom_service@mail.ru


Customs procedures at Baltic Customs Post

E-mail: custom_service@mail.ru